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Vandenberg SFB Leave Policy (18 Mar 20)




SUBJECT: Vandenberg AFB Leave Policy

1.  On 13 March 2020, the Deputy Secretary of Defense issued a Stop Movement Order applicable to various aspects of military and civilian travel, effective 16 March 2020 (Atch 1). All personnel on Vandenberg SFB are directed to comply with all aspects of this order. This memorandum remains in effect until rescinded or superseded by higher authority.

2.  The order directs that military members are authorized only local leave, in accordance with Service policies. Effective immediately, the boundaries for the local area of Vandenberg SFB is defined as: San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. The distances comply with Joint Travel Regulation Chapter 2, section 0206 for military and civilian personnel, as well as AFI 36-3003, paragraph

3.  For any exceptions to this defined local area, I am the approval authority. For leave beyond the approved local area, the Secretary of the Air Force delegated waiver authority to the first general or flag officer, or member of the Senior Executive Service, in the member's chain of command or supervision (Atch 2). Any request for exception to the direction in the Deputy Secretary of Defense Memorandum or this Memorandum defining the local area will be forwarded through a member's chain of command, with indorsements, to me for further forwarding as appropriate.

4.  All official travel will also comply with the Deputy Secretary of Defense Stop Movement Order, to include its waiver process (as amplified in the Secretary of the Air Force Memorandum). Personnel traveling beyond the defined boundaries for local travel must be on travel orders. For reservist travel reimbursements, the corporate area is defined as Vandenberg AFB, Vandenberg Village, Lompoc and Santa Maria. Any requests for exceptions to this policy will be forwarded as described in paragraph 3 of this memorandum.

5.  In assessing travel, for both official and personal business, I encourage all members of Team Vandenberg to consider the nature of the threat we are facing, both to our community and our mission. Let me be clear-any individual, military or civilian, who travels to a highly infected area and then returns to Vandenberg SFB places the entire community at higher risk of infection. This kind of behavior works against our collective efforts to flatten the curve and keep our community safe. Please make smart choices as responsible members of Team Vandenberg.

6. If you have questions, please contact Lt Col Ken Peters, 30 CPTS/CC.




Current as of October 14, 2021