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  • Forecast bright, sunny for weather squadron

    In the fiery display of a rocket lifting off from its temporary land-based home, the day-to-day operations prior to that spectacular site sometimes get lost in the mix. Prior to lift-off, rocket scientists, technicians, logisticians, and the many others are hard at work planning, fixing and tweaking every last detail. One group that works quietly
  • Eyes in the Sky: Helicopter Squadron's diverse training aids in mission success

    Whether they are fighting fires, rescuing the stranded or lost, sweeping the base for trespassers or helping to search and destroy millions of dollars worth of illegal marijuana, members of the 76th Helicopter Squadron are constantly in the air. Being in the air is where they are most comfortable.While the 76th's primary mission is to aid in base
  • Present Arms! VAFB Airman joins USAF Honor Guard

    While standing firmly at attention in the middle of a stadium somewhere in the heart of Los Angeles, one Airman watches as thousands of cheering fans, athletes, celebrities and news broadcasters fall silent, stop what they're doing and stare directly at him. While some would be a nervous wreck in this type of situation, this Airman doesn't mind the
  • Eagle Eyes program elicits help from base, community

    Nearly five years after 9/11, the threat of terrorism still rings hard in the ears of Americans; especially with more sophisticated weapons and deadly terrorist attack plans being foiled. The Office of Special Investigations, Detachment 804 here encourages every military member and civilian employee to participate in the Eagle Eyes
  • Deployed Vandenberg Airman coordinates bone-marrow drive

    You see his face everywhere. The base exchange, dining facilities, the laundry exchange, work centers and even in the bathroom. The smiles of Cavion Holloway adorned hundreds of posters across the base advertising the Bone Marrow Registration Drive being held in his memory. The base-wide advertising campaign drew in 685 new registrants to the C.W.
  • NRO sheds light on operations, mission

    The National Reconnaissance Office at Vandenberg hosted a Mission Partner Day and welcomed Team Vandenberg members to take a peek into the once highly classified office. Mission Partner Day started with lunch and included tours of a building that houses different transporters used to move satellites. There were also tours of Space Launch Complex