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Vandenberg SFB Leave Policy - COVID-19



SUBJECT: Vandenberg SFB Leave Policy – COVID-19

1. On 29 June 2020, the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) issued Exemption of Authorized Leave for Department of Defense Service Members from Coronavirus Disease 2019 Personnel Movement and Travel Restrictions Exemption (SECDEF Memo), superseding prior guidance on the same subject. Personnel on Vandenberg SFB shall comply with all aspects of the SECDEF order, as it applies to them. This memorandum supersedes Vandenberg SFB Leave Policy, dated 20 May 2020, and will remain in
effect until rescinded or superseded by higher authority.

2. For DoD service members, the SECDEF Memo prohibits personal leave outside the local area absent approval from the unit commander. Effective immediately, the “local area” for Vandenberg SFB is considered: Central California (defined as Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Mono, Merced, Mariposa, Madera, Monterey, San Benito, Fresno, Kings, Tulare, Inyo, San Luis Obispo, Kern, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties).

3. For any exceptions to this defined local area, I am the approval authority. For leave travel for military members beyond the local area, the SECDEF delegated approval authority to the squadron commander or equivalent in the member’s chain of command or supervision. Any SLD 30 member’s request for leave outside of the local area will be forwarded through a member’s chain of command, with indorsements, to their squadron commander for approval. Squadron commanders will conduct a risk assessment of the health status and travel itinerary for military members requesting leave. While leave outside the local area should be granted for humanitarian and/or hardship reasons, commanders must exercise supreme discretion before approving other personal leave requests. Key considerations include the health risks associated with the nature and location of any planned activities while in leave status. Commanders and supervisors must establish a means of communication with all military members throughout the period of leave and the post-travel process.

4. In assessing travel, both official and personal, I encourage all members of Team Vandenberg to consider the nature of the threat we are facing, both to our community and our mission. Any individual, military or civilian, who travels to a highly infected area or fails to take proper precautions and then returns to Vandenberg SFB places the entire community at higher risk of infection. This kind of behavior works against our collective efforts to flatten the curve and keep our community safe. Please make smart choices as responsible members of Team Vandenberg.

5. If you have any questions, please contact Lt Col Ken Peters, 30 CPTS/CC, at kenneth.peters.2@us.af.mil, or 606-9733.


Current as of October 14, 2021