Artist’s rendering of WGS-11+

Commander's Action Line

The Commander's Action Line gives all Airmen a direct link to the Space Launch Delta 30 commander.

The Action Line can be used to express constructive points of view on the policies and procedures of the base, as well as discuss safety and security issues. The goal is to provide you with an accurate, timely response.

Leadership wants your input; however, Airmen and Guardians should use this tool after coordinating problems or concerns with supervisors, first sergeants or commanders. If you're not satisfied with the response or you are unable to resolve the issue, the Action Line is for you.

Here are some key telephone numbers to keep in mind when trying to resolve an issue:

Inspector General: 805-605-6366
Medical and Dental: 805-605-5433
Equal Opportunity: 805-606-0370
MPF: 805-606-7499
Law Enforcement Desk: 805-606-3911
Pass and Registration: 805-606-1853
Force Support Squadron (incl. Services): 805-606-6200
Legal: 805-605-6207
Housing: 805-606-1840
Wing Safety: 805-606-5213
CDC: 805-606-1555
Base Exchange: 805-734-5521
Commissary: 805-734-3354
Area Defense Counsel: 805-606-3627
Finance: 805-606-4606
Civil Engineer: 805-606-0010
Civilian Personnel staffing: 805-606-3641
Civilian employee relations: 805-606-5847
Base Information: 805-606-1110

Excellence is the standard, not the goal. Whether performing the mission as blue suiters, civilians, or contractor teams, everyone must have a voice, regardless of rank, to ensure 100-percent mission success.

To submit an Action Line, click the link to the right and fill out the action line form completely. To call in an action line, call 805-605-2428.