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30th Comptroller Squadron (30 CPTS)


Provide premier decision support and financial assistance to ensure indispensable launch, landing, and range capabilities for the Nation.


The 30th Comptroller Squadron The 30th Comptroller Squadron provides financial management support to all units on Vandenberg SFB. The squadron is composed of the Financial Analysis Flight and the Financial Services Flight.

Financial Analysis Flight

Works with other organizations and tenant units by providing budgetary services. These services include assisting managers in estimating financial needs for programs and translating those requirements into financial plans and operating budgets. This includes the cost validation of proposed alternatives to meet mission objectives. The flight ensures proposed actions do not exceed the installation's resource capability and adherence to proprietary use of appropriated funds. The flight also distributes budget authority to managers based on the approved financial plan, provide financial management training and help commanders administer all available appropriated funds.

Financial Services Flight

Handles military pay, civilian pay and travel reimbursements for all Department of Defense personnel assigned to units on Vandenberg AFB, as well as military retirees in the area. The Flight is divided into three functional areas: Customer Service/Special Actions, Military Pay, and Travel/APC. We are committed to providing quality customer service. Please contact us through CSP if you have any comments or concerns about your military or travel pay.

Customer Service

Contact us for Customer Assistance via CSP: CLICK HERE (must be a CAC enabled device)

If unable to access CSP please call 805-606-4606


Useful Links

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Current as of October 14, 2021