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Inspector General

Mission: To defend the United States through launch, range, and expeditionary operations.

Vision: America's finest professionals operating and supporting the best space launch and test range in the world.

Goals: Improve the care of our people by addressing individual concerns with working and living conditions thoroughly, accurately, fairly and quickly. Prevent and eliminate fraud, waste and abuse.


1. Provide thorough, but timely, complaint processing.
2. Provide thorough, but timely, responses to Congressional inquiries.
3. Evaluate and implement, if appropriate, FWA case recommendations in a timely fashion.  

Inspector General Office
The IG office provides two services to installation personnel: investigation of personal complaints and investigation of fraud, waste, and abuse complaints. This web page will provide pertinent IG information and links to additional pages. One of the services available is a direct e-mail link to file IG complaints. Please be aware, this e-mail link is not secure. We only provide it as a means to register a complaint. Any follow-up activity will not be conducted via e-mail. 

E-mail Us

For an appointment stop by our office or call us:
723 Nebraska Avenue
Building 10525, Room 1
Vandenberg AFB, CA 93437-6261

Commercial: (805) 606-2183
(805) 605-6366
DSN: 276-2183 or 275-6366

Fax Commercial: (805) 606-7417
Fax DSN: 276-7417

Space Launch Delta 30 24 Hour FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE (FW&A) Hotline
Commercial: (805) 605-8179 or DSN: 275-8179

Or Call DoD - FW&A Hotline: 1-800-424-9098

Current as of October 14, 2021