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Inspector General

The Complaint Resolution Program (CRP).  History has shown that the chain of command is typically best equipped to resolve most issues.  Therefore, everyone is encouraged to discuss issues/concerns with a Supervisor or a Chain of Command Member before coming to the Inspector General (IG).  However, no one is required to use the chain of command to file a complaint.  If a complaint would be best handled by someone in an IG office or another agency, the Air and Space Force has a well-established and trusted complaint resolution program.

Anyone regardless of affiliation can file a complaint and may file a complaint at any level.  No one should restrict access to an IG, the Chain of Command or a Member of Congress.  No one should reprise against someone for a made or suspected to be made protected communication to an IG, the Chain of Command or a Member of Congress.

Report suspected Fraud, Waste, or Abuse to the chain of command or contact one of the agencies below.  Fraud is any intentional deception designed to unlawfully deprive the Air Force of something of value.  Waste is the extravagant, careless, or needless expenditure of Air Force Funds or the consumption of Air Force property.  Abuse is the intentionally wrongful or improper use of Air Force resources.



Call: (805) 606-2183 or DSN 276-2183 or (805) 605-6366 or DSN 275-6366

Address SLD 30/IG, 723 Nebraska Ave, Bldg. 10525, Vandenberg SFB, CA 93437


SLD 30/IG: 805-588-2562 or

SSC/IG: 310-653-2135 or DSN 633-2135 or

USSF/IG: 719-556-0376 or DSN 834-0376

DAF/IG: 800-538-8429 or 202-404-5354 or DSN 754-5354 or

DoD/IG: 800-424-9098 or 703-604-8569 or DSN 664-8569

The Commanders Inspection Program (CCIP). The purpose of the CCIP is to assess and improve readiness, efficiency, discipline, effectiveness, compliance, and surety at the wing/delta levels. It affords commanders the ability to assess mission sets in reference to authoritative tasking documents. Commanders use the CCIP to identify a unit's ability to comply with policy and guidance, including identification of wasteful directives and areas where resource limitations may prevent compliance or increase mission risk. The intent of assessing these components is to provide critical data to leadership about the adequacy of policy, training, manpower, funds, equipment, and facilities.

Current as of June 5, 2023