30th Operations Support Squadron (30 OSS)


Our mission is to execute integrated and tailored operations to enable Western Range air and space missions.


Our vision is to develop today’s innovative teams to meet the operational needs of tomorrow.


The 30th Operations Support Squadron is known as the “Jacks of All Trades…Master of Ops!” The squadron is composed of five flights: Intelligence Operations Flight (IN), Maintenance Flight (OSM), Weather Flight (OSW), Airfield Operations Flight (OSA) and Training Devices Design and Engineering Center Flight (TDDEC).

Intelligence Operations Flight (30 OSS / IN)

Mission: Provide actionable multi-source intelligence and threat analysis of installation, launch, and space-based threats to Western Range operations.

The Intelligence Flight provides intelligence support and threat analysis to SLD 30 and the Western Range. The 30 OSS / IN flight provides weekly classified briefings to SLD 30 leadership and Vandenberg SFB personnel. Flight Members are constantly working with local AFOSI, 30TH SFS, and the 65TH CYS to maintain base security and operations surety to the Western Range. In addition, the 30th OSS / IN flight provides timely intelligence reports in times of crisis both local and abroad. The Intelligence flight stands ready to prepare intelligence products at a moment’s notice and maintain the safety of VSFB from any threats.

Maintenance Flight (30 OSS / OSM)

Mission: Maintain, modify, upgrade, and manage air traffic control, radar, and weather systems and analyze/report metrics in support of Western Range airfield and launch operations.

The Maintenance Flight is responsible for accuracy and reliability of 67 Air Traffic Control and atmospheric sensing systems at 26 locations in support of Western Range aerial and space launch operations. In addition, they provide Data Base Management and Analysis expertise to 3.2K SLD 30 and regional customer throughout California.

Weather Flight (30 OSS / OSW)

Mission: Provide real-time weather observation, forecast, and warning support for all launch and airfield operations, tests, and exercises on the Western Range.

The Weather Flight operates 228 weather sensors across 118K-acre range and supplies 24/7 resource protection, issuing weather watches, warnings, and advisories for the security of Western Range assets and personnel. They coordinate directly with customers to provide cradle-to-grave support throughout generation, execution, and recovery of all launch and test campaigns. On day-of-launch, the 7-member Launch Weather Team monitors for NASA-directed natural and triggered lightning in addition to launch vehicle weather constraints, provides upper-air forecasts informing Range Safety risk assessments, and makes “GO/NO-GO” weather calls, ensuring public safety and mission success. The Weather Flight stands ready to provide 365 environmental support for the safety and assurance of DoD, commercial Spacelift and ICBM test launches.

Link to 7-day forecast page: OSW - Home (dps.mil)

Video Link: https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/14234/

Airfield Operations Flight (30 OSS / OSA)

Mission: Provide a safe and effective airfield environment while producing airfield management, air traffic control, and airfield services in support of Western Range launch operations, innovative aviation systems testing, aeronautical exercises, and transient aircraft support.

The Airfield Operations Flight operates the DoD’s second longest runway while providing air traffic control and airfield services to manned and unmanned aircraft in a unique and dynamic environment. The airfield is a launch and recovery platform for three space vehicle programs to include being one of two X-37B contingency landing and recovery sites. The transient services include supporting DV flights, national defense test flight operations, as well as coordinating and supporting joint and multi-national exercises on the Western Range. The Airfield Operations Flight stands ready to provide airfield services and support to national defense, spaceflight testing, and Western Range operations.

Training Devices Design and Engineering Center Flight (TDDEC) 

VIDEO | 02:31 | Innovation at the Training Device Design and Engineering Center

Mission: Design, engineer, fabricate, repair, and prototype fully functional desktop and operational training devices, simulators, mockups, and other specialty items for units across the DoD.

TDDEC is the only training device fabrication shop for the Space Force, consisting of a 65-year history of servicing the Space and Missile community. Their efforts range from training devices to real world operational support. Their highly skilled team consists of electronic technicians, engineering technicians and model makers. TDDEC stands ready to utilize their engineering capabilities to support unit mission requirements for worldwide US Space Force, Air Force, and Air Education and Training Command (AETC) on Vandenberg, as well as other DOD/AF organizations in the space and missile community.

Updated January 2024