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  • Public Health Directive #10

    Although we had seen vast improvement in the rate of positive COVID-19 cases, the vaccination rate has tapered in our local area, and with the emergence of a more transmissible variant, case rates are increasing. Effective immediately, Public Health Directive #10 is in effect across the installation. Here are some key highlights: - Vaccinations remains the best tool to protect against COVID-19 and decrease case rates - Implement DoD guidance on mask wear - Establishes the permissible gathering size of unvaccinated individuals, with exceptions for activities at the CDC, Youth Center, and Library Please consult with your chain of command to address any questions as to how this directive applies to your unit.

    Mission:To provide our Nation unique capabilities for assured access to and from space.History:Pillar Point Air Force Station is located on a 55 acre parcel of land 20 miles south of San Francisco. Adjacent to the community of Half Moon Bay, the site is positioned on a point of land 175 feet in elevation with steep cliffs jutting into the Pacific
  • Protest Activity Notice

     Commander's Closed Base Declaration and OrderPeaceful Protest Activity Policy LetterBY ORDER OF THE INSTALLATION COMMANDER:PEACEFUL PROTEST ACTIVITY ON VANDENBERG AFB PROPERTYPursuant to 50 U.S.C., Section 797 and 32 C.F.R., part 809a, be advised that Vandenberg Space Force Base (VSFB) is a "closed" installation. Non-military and non-DOD personnel
  • Public Affairs Office

    Mission Educate and inform our people. Generate informed public trust and support for the men and women of Vandenberg Space Force Base and the United States Space Force.Command InformationThe Command Information section links Airmen, Guardians and their leaders by providing timely, accurate, relevant information to act as a force multiplier and
  • Plans and Programs

      Plans Office (XP) Responsible to the Space Launch Delta 30 Commander for long-range strategic requirements identification, planning, and programming. Single point ofcontact for new wing programs, commercial space activities, and wing operating plans. Performs special projects at the direction of the SLD 30 commander.New Programs We are here to