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Tentative speedbump removal in base housing


Base leadership has asked Balfour Beatty to temporarily remove eight sets of speedbumps in base housing, with the possibility of not replacing them, pending a trial period.

Although Balfour Beatty has replacement speedbumps ready, VAFB leadership hopes they will not be needed.

“The old speedbumps are in a state of disrepair and have reached the end of their life, so they are being temporarily removed,” said Lt. Col. Ryan Novotny, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron commander. “Currently, the speedbumps in base housing force drivers to slow down to well below the posted speed limit, or risk damaging their cars. Speedbumps are not typically used on residential streets. We have asked Balfour Beatty to hold off on replacing the majority of the residential speedbumps. Our hope is that the speedbumps will no longer be needed, provided residents stick to the posted speed limit in housing.”

Select strategic locations will still have speedbumps, due to speed being a potential safety concern.

“The speedbumps outside the Youth Center and the elementary school will remain because of the high volume of children in those areas,” said Novotny. “It makes sense to ensure people slow down in those areas. We are allowing for a strategic pause after the old speedbumps are removed for data collection. It may be that we don’t need to replace them in certain areas, and that would be fantastic.”

The placement of speedbumps has been a matter of concern for some residents in base housing. “Four sets have already been removed on the 500 block of Aspen and four additional sets, in each direction, on the 300 block of Ocean view Ave. will be removed soon; weather and schedule permitting,” said Kristina Pacheco, Balfour Beatty Vandenberg Family Homes community manager. “We have quite a few residents that have expressed concern for the noise that comes from the speedbumps when vehicles drive over them. Some residents have also brought concerns of their vehicles not being able to clear the speed bumps. This will eliminate those concerns.”

No safety issues are expected with the removal of the speedbumps in base housing, although the areas will be closely monitored for speed and safe driving.

“We currently don't expect any added concerns as long as the drivers follow the rules of the roads,” said Pacheco. “But as always, whether you are driving with speed bumps or without, remember we often have foggy conditions and low visibility. Fostering a safe community is always the priority.”