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JSpOC Echo Crew wins Air Force Association award

JSpOC Echo Team photo

The Joint Space Operations Center’s Echo Crew poses for a photo, Aug. 3, 2017, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. The JSpOC Echo Crew was recently recognized as the 2017 Air Force Association’s Best Space Operations Crew, July 27. The award is presented to the best overall space operations crew in the Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Robert J. Volio/Released)


The Joint Space Operations Center’s Echo Crew was recognized as the 2017 Air Force Association’s Best Space Operations Crew, July 27. The award is presented to the best overall space operations crew in the Air Force.

“I’m honored and thankful that our team received such an amazing recognition,” said Maj. Brian Dea, 614th Air Operations Center Echo Crew current operations chief. “All of us worked extremely hard to forge a high-performing ops team. The crew accomplished this by maintaining vigilant focus and creating an atmosphere of professionalism, support, and respect. I’m glad others see what I see every day: tremendous professionalism, skill, and dedication on the JSpOC operations floor.”

Collaborating with other units here at Vandenberg, including Joint Functional Component Command for Space leadership, the Echo Crew plays a significant role in launch operations.

“Echo Crew and the JSpOC help preserve the United States and our allies’ freedom of operations in the space domain by providing command and control of our space assets on behalf of the JFCC Space commander,” said Col. Michael Manor, 614th AOC commander. “The team here at Vandenberg depends on us to ensure they can conduct their critical satellite launch and early orbit operations free from potential adversary intervention.”

Additionally, the Echo Crew plays a pivotal part in recognizing enemy movement and informing those at the highest level of its existence.

“Echo Crew executes command and control of 58 tactical space units to achieve theater and global objectives,” said Dea. “In this role, the team manages world-wide space control authority on behalf of the JFCC Space commander, with space capabilities and services in support of warfighters in nine combatant commands. Additionally, Echo Crew maintains watchful vigilance of hostile activities to warn and inform national decision makers at USSTRATCOM, the National Military Command Center, and the White House Situation Room.”

With such widespread responsibilities, the Echo Crew credits their consistent teamwork and communication – attributes necessary to perform national-level tasks.

“Teamwork is absolutely vital,” said Dea. “The crew’s cohesiveness and ability to work together as one allowed us to seamlessly coordinate with joint warfighters, manage command and control of DoD space systems, and inform national leadership at the highest levels. This doesn’t happen by accident. It takes intense focus and effective communication.”

Two members of the Echo Crew will be on hand to officially receive the award in Maryland later this year.

“Master Sergeant Mark Tomasetti, our crew chief, and myself will be attending the 2017 Air and Space Conference and Technology Exposition in Maryland to accept the award,” said Dea.

Echo Crew leadership commended the hard work and dedication displayed by their troops.

“I’m proud of the outstanding work ethic, attitude, and teamwork the men and women of Echo Crew and the JSpOC continuously display,” said Manor. “Although a vast majority of Americans will never meet our team or know what we do, I’m not overstating when I say we touch millions of people’s lives in a positive way, every single day.”