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JSpOC unveils fitness display

Health board

Col. Michael Manor, 614th Air Operations Center commander, and Senior Airman Simona Krsteva, 614th AOC space analyst, cut the ribbon on the new Joint Space Operations Center fitness board, Aug. 11, 2017, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Ian Dudley/Released)


The Joint Space Operations Center unveiled its new Health and Fitness Display board, Aug. 11.

The new installment seeks to inspire individuals to reach new goals, and recognizes those who score 95 percent and higher on the physical fitness test. The board is also a central location for posting fitness events, as well as having a comprehensive list of individuals who want to help others train.

“I was inspired by my leadership to create a holistic health interface which celebrates military members’ success stories,” said Senior Airman Simona Krsteva, 614th Air Operations Center space analyst. “I initiated the design in October 2016, and worked for nearly a year to secure permission, and the necessary funds to build it. My underlying motivation is to improve health and fitness across my unit and the base.”

Col. Michael Manor, 614th Air Operations Center commander, fosters a community focused on fitness, and encourages everyone to excel both in their work environment and personal life.

“We focus on three things here at the JSpOC: work ethic, enthusiasm and teamwork,” said Manor. “Fitness plays into all of those things in my opinion. It teaches you how to stick with something, it improves your mood and makes you feel great, it teaches you how to work as a unit for a common goal. The fitness board is important because we now have that as a visual reminder for everyone in the JSpOC that they can aspire to achieve. Passing is never the goal, the goal should be excellence. We shouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than that. We want to get as many people to the ‘excellence’ level, and that is what that board represents.”

Col. Manor praised Airman Krsteva’s effort and coined her for demonstrating leadership and esprit de corps.

“I want to commend Airman Krsteva, this was all her idea,” said Manor. “Fitness has been important to her from recovering from old injuries to self-improvement. She has taken that passion and created something to make all within the unit better. This is the kind of environment I strive to foster – where a Senior Airman can make changes to improve the entire unit. Her passion for helping others recover and bettering themselves is a prime example of being a good wingman.”