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Vandenberg Thrift Shop Improves Quality of Life for New Airmen

(Courtesy Photo)

(Courtesy Photo)

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Members of the 381st Training Group provide officer and enlisted initial skills training to space operators, missile operators and missile maintainers here.

Many 381st TRG students are Airmen-in-Training—brand new graduates of Basic Military Training—here for their technical training. While living in the dorms, these Airmen have to follow strict guidelines to include limitations of riding in private motor vehicles during the first phase of their training.

The Airmen are bussed to the dining facility for lunch and dinner each day and personal travel is the responsibility of the tech training students. Some facilities, like the BX, gym and bowling alley are within easy walking distances, but other popular destinations like the movie theater, commissary and local beaches is several miles away.

Despite being able to ride in personal motor vehicles during later phases of training, most Airmen do not have access to a car on a regular basis.

Members from the Vandenberg Thrift Shop partnered with officials from the training group to alleviate this problem.

With a donation from the thrift shop group officials purchased 10 new bicycles, complete with helmets and two bike pumps, that were delivered to the dorms just before Thanksgiving. These bicycles allow Airmen greater flexibility for personal travel around base and have already been put to good use.

“I used these bikes to ride to the beach and it definitely alleviated the pressure of getting places,” said Airman Basic Quinton Burgess, a 381st student. “The donation of these bikes eliminates the burden of Airmen having to purchase their own.”

As many as 400 Airmen live in 381st TRG dorms, and now, thanks to the incredible support from the thrift shop, their stay will be a little more enjoyable.