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614th Combat Training Squadron “Fighting Tigers” Celebrate One Year

614th Combat Training Squadron “Fighting Tigers” Celebrate One Year

Lt. Col. Nicole Petrucci, Commander, 614th Combat Training Squadron, inaugurates the 614 CTS Training and Evaluation Facility on Oct. 18, 2017 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. A major milestone in support of space training transformation, the project involved renovating a decommissioned missile training facility, building multiple workspaces and state of the art classrooms, as well as the installation of the Standardized Space Trainer. The modernized facility provides capabilities to deliver academic and scenario-based training and evaluation in support of Joint Space Operations Center warfighters. (U.S. Air Force photo by Walt Jimenez/Released)


December 16th 2017 marked the one-year anniversary of the establishment of Air Force Space Command’s newest squadron, the 614th Combat Training Squadron (614 CTS) Fighting Tigers.  Since the squadron’s activation, the Fighting Tigers continue to skillfully implement and sustain enterprise-wide changes under the Space Training Transformation and Space Mission Force constructs. 

The Fighting Tigers rally behind their mission statement: “Train, Evaluate, Integrate, Weaponize, Forecast, and Exercise all divisions and functions of the 614th Air Operations Center and the Joint Space Operations Center.”

The squadron is composed of seven flights: Training, Standardization and Evaluation, Weapons and Tactics, Exercises and Experiments, Systems Integration, Space Weather and Special Programs Support. These flights combined with the squadron’s leadership team continue their relentless pursuit of sustained excellence to ensure 614th Air Operations Center (614 AOC) airmen and Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) warfighters are combat ready to operate in, through and around the contested space environment.

In the last year, the Fighting Tigers stood at the forefront of initiatives such as JSpOC 2.0, which seeks to instill a joint warfighting mindset on JSpOC operators and integrating space command and control into multi-domain operations, ultimately producing the type of joint-minded airmen needed to be future leaders in the joint force.  Additionally, 614 CTS members play a lead role in forging toward the United States Strategic Command’s (USSTRATCOM) vision of a Combined Space Operations Center, which will greatly improve our standing with our coalition partners, and provide increased opportunities for combined allied participation necessary for global space operations.

“Our team is nothing short of exceptional.  Each Fighting Tiger recognizes that their teammates look to giving nothing less than excellence to have their fellow airman’s back,” said Maj. Earl Alejandro, Flight Commander, 614 CTS Weapons and Tactics.  “You could say that we’re lucky to have this great team.”

Upon assuming command, Lt. Col. Nicole Petrucci, set the squadron to the task of meeting the Fighting Tigers’ mission.  In superior fashion, they have delivered the following milestones:

  • Repurposed and modernized a missile training facility to serve as the JSpOC’s first ever dedicated training facility to include the $7.2 million Standardized Space Trainer, certified to process classified information.
  • Distributed more than 80 warnings on significant space weather affecting radio frequencies and aiding global users in maintaining clear and reliable communications lines.
  • Administered three installation-wide emergency management exercises preparing more than 400 personnel for environmental disasters.
  • Developed Air Force level guidance fusing JSpOC techniques and processes in authoritative Air Operations Center Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures manuals.
  • Led Battle Management Command and Control, and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance working groups at the Air Force Space Command Weapons and Tactics Conference.
  • Executed five Missile Warning rehearsal of concept advanced training drills in support of JSpOC and Missile Warning Center operations.
  • Delivered the first-ever mobile training in support of the Space Electronic Warfare Coordinator’s course.
  • Drafted an Air Combat Command Tactics Analysis Team report analyzing adversary weapon systems.
  • Orchestrated two USSTRATCOM joint global exercises.
  • Prioritized critical JSpOC Mission System capabilities incorporating command and control of space assets in $1.6 billion Falconer weapon system.

“This year has been a productive and busy year,” said Petrucci. “And, 2018 promises to be even more demanding. We have a saying here in the 614 CTS: #WeDoThat. This captures the Fighting Tigers’ confidence to meet challenges head-on no matter what they are.”