Vandenberg Docent Program

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  • Space Launch Delta 30 Public Affairs

Vandenberg Space Force Base is seeking volunteer docents for the 2022 western snowy plover breeding season to assist in balancing wildlife protection and visitor recreation. Docents specifically help promote awareness among beach visitors to help keep beach recreation open during the nesting season and assist in protecting the federally-listed threatened western snowy plover from disturbance.

Duties include:

-             Welcoming visitors to the beach and informing them about available recreation opportunities and beach restrictions, specifically the location of closed areas.

-             Walking the beach or standing at entrance for the purpose of engaging with beach visitors

-             Educating visitors about the natural history, plight, and protection of the snowy plover

-             Informing visitors about beach restrictions

-             Communicating with conservation law-enforcement officers and other Vandenberg staff members when necessary

-             Providing general information and assistance to visitors

-             Using interpretive materials to help communicate information

Docents must possess strong oral communication skills with a diversity of people, be non-confrontational, and able to work independently.  Docents must also be able to spend a majority of the time standing, walking, and/or hiking; tolerate wind, fog, cold, and blowing sand; and be comfortable around people and dogs.

Docents are needed from March 1 through September 30 at Surf Beach, Ocean Park, Wall Beach and Minuteman Beach. Docents should plan to volunteer at least 2 hours per month throughout the plover season. The Plover Docent Coordinator will provide a one hour training (online or in person) along with t-shirt, hat, and other materials.

Please contact the Plover Docent Coordinator at for more information and to sign up for training.