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Safety doesn’t take a holiday

(U.S. Air Force graphic/Corey Parrish)

(U.S. Air Force graphic/Corey Parrish)

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif -- Labor Day is traditionally a time to pay tribute to the American work force.

Airmen are an integral part of that work force and the Vandenberg Safety Office here encourages Airmen to enjoy a well-earned break safely.

"Risk management must remain a key element in planning and participating in your activities over the long weekend," said Patrick Hansen, 30th Space Wing Safety specialist. "Take an extra second to stop and think of potential risks before you act."

According to the safety office, mishap numbers tend to go up as the critical days of summer comes to a close. With proper planning most mishaps can be prevented.

"Unfortunately, the Air Force has lost 18 Airman due to mishaps during this Critical Days of Summer," said Hansen. "A large majority of these were certainly preventable."

Safety remains an important priority as the Critical Days of Summer come to an end.

"When it comes to safety, we don't get a break," said Mike Trudeau, 30th SW Ground Safety manager. "Mishaps don't know seasons and they don't always follow trends."

The safety office here reminds Team V to take time to consider safety during this holiday weekend.

"The nation, your family, friends and fellow Airmen depend on you," said Trudeau. "Please take time to consider safety as you enjoy this Labor Day weekend."

Rise Up Hawks!