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Active duty service commitment waiver request window closing soon

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO - RANDOLPH, Texas -- Active duty Airmen who would like to retire or separate but have an active duty service commitment that prevents them from doing so may be eligible for a waiver, said Lt. Col. Tara White, Air Force Personnel Center retirements and separations chief.

"We announced this opportunity last December as one of several voluntary force management programs under way for this fiscal year. The application deadline is approaching, so we want to remind eligible members that the window is closing soon," White said.

The Limited Active Duty Service Commitment Waiver Program and other fiscal year 2012 voluntary force management initiatives were implemented to help meet authorized end strength levels, White explained.

Applications are due to AFPC by June 1 for officers and June 30 for enlisted Airmen. Those approved must retire by Sept. 1 or separate by Sept. 29, White said.

However, some approved for a service commitment waiver may be required to repay the government for related monetary incentives, depending on the reason for the commitment, she added.

"Tuition assistance falls into the same category of bonuses, so people who don't complete an ADSC incurred for that will be required to repay the government," White explained. "Transferring your Post 9-11 GI Bill to a dependent for current or future use also incurs an ADSC, but if you continue service in the Guard or Reserve program through Palace Chase, your benefits will remain intact. People who fail to complete the remaining service obligation may forfeit transferred used or unused benefits."

With retention at its highest level in 17 years, Air Force leaders are using various initiatives to maintain a robust, balanced force, so not all applicants will be approved.

"Applying for a Limited ADSC waiver does not guarantee you will be approved," White said. "Air Force needs and career field manning levels will determine approval."

Colonels, chief master sergeants and chief master sergeant-selects in eligible fields may apply but applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the colonels or chiefs group, White said.

Officer LADSC Program

Lieutenant colonels and below with at least 20 years total active federal military service may apply for a limited ADSC waiver to enable them to retire by Sept. 1, White said.

Eligible officers assigned overseas, short or long tour, and officers who are deployed or on temporary duty assignment away from their home station may apply for the program, but guidelines vary for each situation, so applicants should review requirements before applying, White said.

The waiver program is open to line of the Air Force, LAF Judge Advocate General, chaplain, bio-medical service corps and medical service corps lieutenant colonels and below. It is not open to officers who are under investigation, pending disciplinary action or involuntary discharge, under appellate review, or pending disability evaluation system action, White said.

In addition, officers in certain specialties are not eligible to apply, including medical, dental and nurse corps, Catholic chaplains, 11X (pilots) and 12X (navigators), and those whose core specialties are one of the following:

13B - Air Battle Manager
13D - Control and Recovery
13L - Air Liaison Officer
13M - Airfield Operations
14N - Intelligence
32E - Civil Engineer
35P - Public Affairs
64P - Contracting

Enlisted LADSC Program

In addition to ADSC waiver requests, eligible Airmen in non-critical, overage career fields may request a waiver of up to two years on their current enlistment contract (four or six year contracts) to enable them to separate or retire by Sept. 1.

Senior master sergeants and below who are serving in a control Air Force Specialty Code or zone eligible for selective reenlistment bonus are not eligible to apply for the limited ADSC waiver. In addition, enlisted members serving in the following career fields are not eligible:

1A0 - In-flight Refueling
1A2 - Aircraft Loadmaster
1A6 - Flight Attendant
1A8 - Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst
1C2 - Combat Control
1C3 - Command Post
1C4 - Tactical Air Control Party
1N0 - Operations Intelligence
1N1 - Geospatial Intelligence
1N3 - Cryptologic Language Analyst
1N4 - Fusion Analyst
1S0 - Safety
1T0 - Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape
1T2 - Pararescue
1U0 - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Sensor Operator
1W0X2 - Weather
2A5X1 - Aerospace Maintenance
2A7X1 - Aircraft Metals Technology
2A7X5 - Low Observable Aircraft Structural Maintenance
2W2 - Nuclear Weapons
3E2 - Pavements and Construction Equipment
3E3 - Structural
3E4X1 - Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance
3E5 - Engineering
3E8 - Explosive Ordnance Disposal
3S3 - Manpower
3P0 - Security Forces
6C0 - Contracting

Airmen who previously received a reenlistment bonus and whose control AFSCs are no longer eligible for an SRB may apply for separation under this program, White said. If approved, the unearned or unserved portion of the bonus will be recouped.

For application details and information about other voluntary force management programs, visit the Air Force Personnel Services website at, select the "All Components" search option and enter PSDM 11-105 (officers) or PSDM 11-98 (enlisted) in the search box.