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SecAF statement on whistleblower reprisal investigation

WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- "We have reviewed the Office of Special Counsel's report of investigation of allegations of reprisals taken against whistleblowers at Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operation (AFMAO) Center, Dover Air Force Base, Delaware. As a result, disciplinary proceedings have been initiated and we expect to have all decisions complete by mid- to late-April.

"The Air Force will not tolerate wrongdoing, especially prohibited personnel practices, by employees. We continue to work closely with the Office of Special Counsel in addressing this issue.

"We are reviewing all training materials with supervisors and employees to ensure people understand the rights of whistleblowers. We are committed to a workplace climate that makes individuals feel confident that they can raise any concerns they may have, that those concerns will be taken seriously, and that those raising the concerns will be treated with respect and appreciation. The individuals who reported the allegations in this matter performed an important service to the Air Force and the Nation. They continue in their positions at AFMAO; the Air Force is working cooperatively with OSC to make appropriate corrections to their records.

"In the meantime, we are implementing the recommendations of the Defense Health Board subcommittee to assure the very highest standard of care for our Fallen and their families. We are proud of the employees at AFMAO and their continued commitment to this mission."