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LivingFit helps Airmen, families reach weight loss goals

SAN ANTONIO (AFNS) -- A new year often begins with resolutions to lose weight and get in shape. Air Force services officials recently launched a new program designed to help Airmen and families accomplish this common goal through proper nutrition and activity.

The USAF FitFamily website now includes LivingFit, an online interactive tool that allows participants to set weight loss goals, monitor their progress and receive tips and tools to help them stay on a healthy track. LivingFit expands the resources on and provides another tool for Airmen and families to stay fit and motivated, said Condredge Fisher, an Air Force Services Agency youth specialist.

"The LivingFit program identifies a key component in being resilient, which is being healthy," he said. "I believe when families watch their nutrition and maintain healthy bodyweight, they will be in better physical and mental shape to face challenges caused by deployments, separation, permanent change of station moves, etc."

To sign up, users must register at to create a profile. They will enter their current weight, goal weight, the date they'd like to achieve their weight loss and their activity level. Once a profile is created, users can design custom meal plans as well as goal activities. Activities are categorized as bronze, silver and gold, ranging from nonvigorous to challenging.

LivingFit will keep users on track through automated emails to remind them to record their weight each week. Fisher said the meal plans and nutritional guidelines are two of the most useful tools the program offers.

"Included in the meal plan is an option to choose your ideal weight, meal options, and menu ideas to support your meal choices," he said. "The nutritional guidelines include nutritional tips, an 'eat this not that' section and a fast food healthy option section."

Once users meet their goals, they can set new goals or just come back to the site to continue maintaining their healthy lifestyle.

"The hope is Airmen and families form healthy habits and they continue to visit the site to view new content or add their own content such as photos and stories," Fisher said.

For more information about LivingFit visit It can also be accessed from, which contains additional resources on proper nutrition, sports and fitness, educational projects and other ideas to keep Airmen and families fit.