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30th SFS conducts Vandenberg checkpoint

(Courtesy graphic)

(Courtesy graphic)

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Members of the 30th Security Forces Squadron conducted a random safety checkpoint on California Avenue here Dec. 9 resulting in 16 citations.

Vandenberg security forces will conduct checkpoints on and around Vandenberg throughout the year as part of Santa Barbara County's Avoid the 12 program.

According to the program's website,, the program's intent is to inform drivers that the only way to avoid the county's law enforcement is to designate a driver and to always drive sober.

"This checkpoint went great, and we hope for the same success in the future," said Staff Sgt. Brandon Johnson, 30th SFS noncommissioned officer in charge of crime prevention. "The goal of the checkpoint was to remove unlicensed and impaired drivers and to bring awareness to the public the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol."

Approximately 400 vehicles were screened during the checkpoint resulting in the following statistics provided by 30th SFS:

Vehicles impounded for 30 days: 1
Vehicles impounded for 1 day: 1
Unlicensed drivers: 1
Drivers with suspended license: 1
Miscellaneous investigative traffic stops: 16
Drivers evaluated for DUI (Alcohol): 2 (Drivers were under the influence of an alcoholic beverage but under the limit of .08)
DUI arrests: 0
Narcotics arrest: 0

It is important to designate a non-drinking driver when attending a party at any time of the year, and the holidays are no exception.

"If you plan to make alcohol part of your festivities, don't drink and drive," said Mark Stortecky, 30th Space Wing Safety specialist. "Have a plan for a designated driver, call a taxi or just stay the night at with the host."

When plans fall through Airmen Against Drunk Driving can offer a safe back-up for military members and their families.

"It's ok to have go out and have a good time, but having a committed designated driver will ensure a good time for everyone and a safe ride home," said Staff Sgt. Anna Salvador, Vandenberg AADD vice president "AADD will be there as an option in case plan A and B fall through."

For wingman support from AADD call 606-AADD.

"We at Vandenberg's Security Forces Squadron want to wish everyone a safe holiday season," said Johnson. "Remember to drive safely and don't drink and drive."