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Team V to focus on comprehensive fitness in 2012

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Each and every Airman plays a vital role in achieving the Air Force's mission to fly, fight and win ... in air, space and cyberspace, which is why the Comprehensive Airmen Fitness philosophy will be introduced in January 2012.

This philosophy aims to strengthen the overall force by focusing on its four pillars of wellness for Airmen: physical, social, mental and spiritual.

Over the next year, Airmen will focus on a different pillar each quarter to help improve the resilience of Vandenberg's Airmen.

During the first quarter of 2012, members at Vandenberg will be encouraged to explore the first pillar, physical fitness.

This pillar emphasizes the importance of maintaining physical ability in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle through exercise, rest and nutrition, according to the Air Force fitness plan.

"A healthy weight can be directly attributed to an individual's function and quality of life," said Jonathan Low, Vandenberg Health and Wellness Center health promotion manager.

In early January the HAWC is scheduled to begin Lose to Win, a 12-week competition to motivate Team V members to achieve weight loss and a healthier outlook. HAWC leaders will use a new body composition measuring system called the BodPod to help keep track of weight loss.

"Participants will be the first to use the new BodPod and weigh-in weekly," said Low. "We hope to encourage Airmen to achieve new and exciting fitness goals."

Classes to help members meet their physical goals will focus on education in nutrition for weight loss and muscle retention and exercise for fat loss, muscle retention and total calorie burn.

The second quarter of 2012 will focus on social fitness. According to Air Force Space Command officials, this pillar is expected to help Airmen develop the ability to create and maintain valued relationships that are personally fulfilling.

"Social connections are essential to help people be more successful," said Linda Crowder, Vandenberg Airman and Family Readiness Center community readiness consultant. "The social pillar will help Airmen and their families learn coping skills to feel more connected."

The third pillar deals with the importance of mental fitness.

The 30th Medical Group here will announce programs for the mental fitness pillar during the third quarter of 2012 with an emphasis on awareness and acceptance of Airmen and their families' feelings.

In the last quarter of 2012, the focus of Comprehensive Airman Fitness will be on the fourth and final pillar, spiritual fitness.

"Each aspect of the four pillars will affect others," said Chaplain Capt. Sean Ballard. "As a chapel we want everyone to be in touch with their god."

The spiritual pillar encourages Airmen to strengthen their beliefs, which give individual strength beyond external influences and stressors.

"The chapel is here to help Airmen find the best solution to their problems," said Ballard. "The chapel is not here to promote any specific religion, but is here to provide guidance to those who are religious, spiritual and atheist."

The well-rounded fitness of each Airman will contribute to the overall success of the Air Force's mission.

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