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SFS reminds base populace about pet control

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Personnel from the 30th Security Forces Squadron here are reminding base residents about the existence of the Vandenberg Stray Animal Facility (Building 11478) and the impoundment procedures.

The 30th SFS houses stray animals found on base for a five-day period before turning the animals over to the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter in Lompoc.

According to 30th Space Wing Instruction 31-107, "A pet found running loose (outside the house/fenced yard) is evidence the pet owner or custodian is not properly controlling their pet. The Security Forces will impound all loose pets and complete a 30 SW Form 313, Animal Impoundment/Release Record."

The owner of an impounded animal will receive a failure to control pet memorandum, which will be reported to the owner's unit. Starting Oct. 28, the impoundment fees ($20 initial cost and $.50 for each additional day) will be enacted, and security forces personnel will issue a cash collection voucher to the pet owners. This fee will must be paid prior to the owner picking up their pet.

Individuals first arriving to Vandenberg will need to register their pets with the base veterinarian office upon in-processing with the installation. Specifically, all cats and dogs must be registered at Vandenberg's U.S. Army Veterinary Treatment Facility (Building 10314) within 30 days of the pet's arrival.

"If you lose a pet, please call the Vandenberg Emergency Communication Center at 606-3912 to find out if it has been found by security forces," said Staff Sgt. Brandon Johnson, a 30th SFS member. "During duty hours the owner can contact the VECC to retrieve their pet and pay the impoundment fees."

The Vandenberg Stray Animal Facility is open for animal pickup 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

*For people with lost or run-away animals on base, please visit the following link to see if the 30th SFS has placed the animal in the Vandenberg Stray Animal Facility:; under the VAFB Stray Animal Facility section.