First week of 2011 CFC underway at Vandenberg

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Steve Bauer
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
The 2011 Combined Federal Campaign at Vandenberg is in full swing.

The campaign will run for six weeks: Oct. 3 through Nov. 11.

The CFC is a fund-raising drive that allows millions of federal employees and military personnel to contribute to thousands of local and national nonprofit organizations.

"The CFC continues to be the largest and most successful annual charity drive among federal employees," said 1st Lt. George Flathers, Vandenberg's CFC project officer. "It affords every one of us an opportunity to contribute to a wide range of charitable organizations, through the convenience of payroll deduction, allowing us to spread out our contributions in monthly payments throughout the year. Also, donations can be made through personal check or cash."

Vandenberg's CFC goal this year is $185,000, which is a five percent increase from last year's goal ($175,000).

"We ran the numbers from 2010 and found that the number of givers was significantly lower than previous years, but the average gift amount was greater," said Flathers. "So our hope for reaching our goal is to reach out to some new donors - we want the dedicated to keep giving, and we want to encourage some new donors to take part - because every little bit helps."

The following is this year's goal (redistributed) across Vandenberg's major units:

30th Wing Staff Agency: $21,000
30th Launch Group: $12,000
30th Operations Group: $26,000
30th Medical Group: $11,000
30th Mission Support Group: $48,000
381st Training Group: $22,000
576th Flight Test Squadron: $10,000
Other tenet units: $35,000

"The economy is still uncertain, making our support even more important to the people served through CFC - vulnerable veterans, families facing tough times, communities rebuilding after disasters, and etc.," said Flathers. "There are a lot of people facing hard times, but most of us on Vandenberg are blessed with a steady income. So this is our chance to give back. Every bit helps."

Since 1961, the CFC has raised nearly $7 billion to help combat disease, protect our planet, feed the hungry, and lift up individuals and communities at home and around the world.

"The outpouring of kindness from our Nation's public servants reflects the American spirit of compassion, and reminds each of us of the profound impact we can have when we join together in common cause," said President Barack Obama, in a CFC memorandum.

For more information about the CFC, visit or

Pledges can be made online following these instructions:

1) Visit  
2) Follow the online instructions
3) Print and sign your pledge
4) Give your pledge to the respective unit CFC representative (See below)

Vandenberg's CFC representatives are:
30th WSA: 2nd Lt. Brandon Jacobson, Capt. Christopher Mangels
30th LCG: 2nd Lt. Thiago Huxley, Capt. Bradley Stoor
30th OG: Capt. Theodore Givler, 1st Lt. Christopher Maffuccio
30th MDG: Capt. Kenneth Rosenblum, Capt. Anoop Joseph
30th MSG: Senior Master Sgt. John Prather, 1st Lt. Joseph Newman
381st TRS: Capt. Benjamin Sydnor
576th TRS: Tech. Sgt. Allan Bliss
14th Air Force: Capt. Tim Adams
614th Air and Space Operations Center: 2nd Lt. Cameron Vale, Tech. Sgt. Henry Ruelas
Joint Functional Component Command for Space: Staff Sgt. Reuben Peralta
National Reconnaissance Office Vandenberg: Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Britt
Missile Defense Agency: Vincent Arce

*Check for weekly updates at the Vandenberg Facebook page for the amount of funds received during Vandenberg's 2011 campaign.