Update to Crestview traffic changes

  • Published
  • By Jennifer Green-Lanchoney
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
Classes are scheduled to begin for Crestview Elementary School students here Aug. 24.

The start of a new school year can bring about new routines for families and base personnel commuting to work or school - and this year is likely to be no exception.

Changes have been made to the traffic flow around Crestview Elementary during the school day's pick-up and drop-off hours.

"Utah Street passing Crestview will remain a one-way street with three lanes of traffic to choose from during drop-off and pick-up hours," said Mike Trudeau, a ground safety specialist. "The right-hand side of Utah Street is now a drop-off only zone and is designated by the white curb areas; parking is still allowed on the left-hand side of Utah Street passing Crestview for the exception of red curbed areas."

The two side lanes on Utah Avenue, passing Crestview, will merge into the middle lane for traffic flow continuing on Utah Avenue or the entrance into the horseshoe area. Drivers may now enter Utah Avenue, going either direction, from either Utah Street or the Crestview circle drive.

For parents with younger students, the horseshoe area will still be available, but changes have also been made to traffic flow.

"Parking is no longer allowed along the curb in front of the school, this area is designated as drop-off only," said Trudeau. "Parking is still allowed in the designated parking spaces along the far left side of the horseshoe."

The changes have been implemented to ease traffic congestion commonly experienced at Crestview Elementary due to an out-dated infrastructure.

"Times have changed on Vandenberg, families have more than one car and people are walking less," said Dr. Ken Falk, the Crestview Elementary School principal. "Crestview still has 1960s roadways; managing the increase in traffic flow is difficult."

Drivers are urged to observe posted speed limits and watch for children who are on their way to and from school.

For more information call the 30th Space Wing Safety Office at 606-8805.