Win with safety, a safe bet

  • Published
  • By Jennifer Green-Lanchoney
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
The Air Force is currently in the final stretch of the Critical Days of Summer safety campaign ending Sept. 6.

The Critical Days of Summer Campaign happens annually to bring operational risk management to the attention of Airmen and their families during the summer months.

The first fatal mishap in Air Force Space Command during this season's Critical Days of Summer campaign occurred Aug. 7 when a vehicle driven by anĀ Airman left the road and struck a tree.

This mishap brings the total number of fatalities in the Air Force to 11 from accidents over the course of the campaign.

"It's the little things that determine whether an injury is minor or fatal," said Tech Sgt. Hyrum Lowder, Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of ground safety. "Things like going the speed limit, wearing personal protective equipment, and using operational risk management are simple and quick but can have a huge impact when things go wrong."

The 30th Space Wing Safety Office is handing out safety poker chips to active duty Airmen to encourage a safety conscious culture within the Air Force.

"The poker chips are a token for Airmen to keep with them to remind them not to drink and drive," said Lowder. "The chips have a safety message on them as well as contact numbers for safety, command post and Airmen Against Drunk Driving."

With only a few weeks to go in the Critical Days of Summer campaign, bringing safety to the foreground may be the difference between a close call and a fatality.