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Air Force further reduces officers eligible for RIF

WASHINGTON -- Sufficient voluntary separations have resulted in the removal of several competitive categories from the September 2011 reduction-in-force board, according to Air Force officials.

In April, Air Force officials announced the removal of chaplains and medical service corps officers from the board. Biomedical service corps and judge advocate general competitive categories are now also removed from the board.

The RIF board is part of the Air Force's fiscal 2011 force management program, which blends voluntary and involuntary programs in order to meet the Air Force's congressionally mandated ceiling.

The program is necessary due to a 16-year high in retention, said Col. Ken Sersun, the chief of the military force policy division.

The RIF board will consider line of the Air Force officers only in the grade of captain and major in the following year groups and competitive categories:

Captains: 2000 and 2003 through 2005
Majors: 2000

The RIF board is expected to convene in mid-September. Its members will consider approximately 9,000 officers and retain roughly 95 percent.

However, numbers could vary slightly based on the number of voluntary separations and losses through normal attrition up to the board start date in September, Sersun said.

"While this remains a challenging time for Airmen still meeting the RIF board, the percentage will be lower than previously projected," Sersun said. "Leaders at all levels should communicate with their Airmen in clear and candid terms to reduce uncertainty and prepare them appropriately."

Officers not selected for retention by the RIF board will be required to separate no later than Feb. 1, 2012.

For information about specific skills needed by the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard click on the embedded links.

Detailed RIF eligibility criteria are on the Air Force Personnel Services website at Do a keyword search for "RIF."

Additional information on FY11/12 Force Management Programs is also available on the site. First time users will need to create an account with a username and password.