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Officials to Release DOD Cyber Strategy

WASHINGTON, -- Officials expect to release the Defense Department's first cyber strategy July 14, a Pentagon spokesman said today.

Marine Corps Col. Dave Lapan told reporters that because the release will be an unclassified version of the strategy, it will not be greatly detailed.

"The unclassified version, you will find, follows much of what was in the administration's cyber strategy," he said. White House officials announced the nation's first international strategy for cyberspace in May.

The strategy addresses the economic, security, law enforcement, military, governance, international development and internet freedom aspects of the cyber realm.

Lapan emphasized the department's cyber strategy does not focus on acts of war.

"This is about an overall cyber strategy, and how we defend ourselves against cyber threats," he said.

Speaking in Paris last month, Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III said DOD was developing "a comprehensive cyber strategy that will guide how each military service trains, equips, and commands its forces for the cyber mission."