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Library to facilitate limited time offer

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- The Vandenberg library currently has about $15,000 of allotted funds designated to be used by eligible units for purchasing books and periodical subscriptions.

Upon request and completion of eligibility requirements, up to $500 of the funds received from the Air Force Library Information Service will be used to supplement the reading materials in each of the selected offices base-wide.

The books and periodicals must offer an educational element that is beneficial to the requesting unit based on the material's relevance to the office's or base's mission. Approvals for requests will be made at the discretion of Vandenberg's library personnel.

"What we emphasize is that the items must be mission essential and not recreational," said Eva McLaughlin, Vandenberg librarian. "Mission essential material is informational resources, such as publications and services, that directly bear the functions, initiatives, and operations of Air Force agencies that help carry out the installation's mission effectively. The items should be print (books or subscriptions). They can have online components, but not software or visual media."

Offices already receiving funds for mission essential publications are ineligible to receive funds from the library. Base personnel are asked to call the library at 606-6414 to verify their unit's eligibility. Eligible offices must contact and direct requests to the base library no later than June 24.