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Military sees high recruiting, retention

  • Published
Recruiting and retention has stayed high throughout the military for the first half of the fiscal year, according to Defense Department numbers released April 25.

Through March, the active duty Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force met or exceeded their accession goals for fiscal 2011, which began Oct. 1:

-- Army: 34,264 accessions, 102 percent of its 33,600 goal;

-- Navy: 16,011 accessions, the same as its goal;

-- Marine Corps: 11,497 accessions, more than its goal of 11,468; and

-- Air Force: 14,279 accessions, matching its goal.

In the reserve components, only the Air National Guard fell slightly short of its goal:

-- Army National Guard, 27,426 accessions, 106 percent of its goal of 25,825;

-- Army Reserve, 15,322 accessions, 112 percent of its 13,693 goal;

-- Navy Reserve, 3,998 accessions, matching its goal;

-- Marine Corps Reserve, 5,081 accessions, 112 percent of its 4,525 goal;

-- Air National Guard, 3,413 accessions, nine short of its 3,422 goal; and

-- Air Force Reserve, 4,539 accessions, 14 more than its goal of 4,525.

All of the components are on target with the retention goals, Pentagon officials said.