Air Force officials issue guidelines for green fleece

  • Published
  • By Brad Jessmer
  • Air Force Uniform Office
Additional new guidance has just been released from the office of Manpower, Personnel and Services, or AF/A1, at the Pentagon regarding wear of the authorized sage-green fleece outer garment.

According to a message issued by AF/A1, "The sage-green fleece jacket, commonly known as Generation III or Gen III, was the original version authorized for wear. Due to limited availability at Army Air Force Exchange Service Military Clothing Stores and through the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia, some units purchased and issued other versions."

The message continues by explaining these other versions may be worn as long as they meet the configuration requirements for name tapes and rank. Requirements for wear are the following:

- A Velcro ABU print last-name tape with dark-blue block lettering, centered between the zipper and sleeve seam on the wearer's right chest
- A Velcro ABU print U.S. Air Force tape with dark-blue block lettering, adjacent to the name tape and centered between the zipper and sleeve seam on the wearer's left chest
- A Velcro subdued cloth rank with a solid sage-green background, flush and centered above the last-name tape on the wearer's right chest.
- Fleece must remain zipped no lower than halfway between the name tape and the collar
- The collar must be folded over and resting on the shoulder, chest and back when the zipper is not completely zipped
- The bottom length of the fleece must be as close to length of ABU top as possible
- Sleeves must be worn down at all times
- Fleece must be kept in a neat, serviceable and professional appearance at all times
- The sage-green fleece may only be worn over the ABU top, and is not authorized to be worn solely over a T-shirt, thermal underwear or similar undergarments, when worn as an outer garment

Items authorized for wear with the fleece include black or sage-green leather, suede or knit gloves; black or sage-green watch caps; black scarves that are tucked in; and black ear muffs.

Commanders also have the authority to allow wear of the fleece indoors if mission needs require it. According to AF/A1 officials, the number one concern is the health and well being of Airmen.

Airmen with questions regarding this article should address them through their chain of command, or by calling the Air Force Personnel Center at 800-525-0102, or DSN 665-5000.