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Force shaping board targets overmanned specialties

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Officials are convening the 2011 Force Shaping Board May 9 at the Air Force Personnel Center here to reduce the number of officers in specified specialties and year groups as part of the service's force management efforts to meet its end strength.

This board is one of a variety of voluntary and involuntary measures being taken by service officials as part of a tailored, multi-year Force Management Program. Air Force leaders recently announced programs aimed at managing the force at various phase points along a career.

The board will evaluate officers serving on the active duty list in the grade of first lieutenant and captain in the following competitive categories and year groups: biomedical sciences corps, 2008; medical service corps, 2006 through 2008; and line of the Air Force-judge advocate general, 2006 through 2008. Officers are ineligible if they have an approved date of separation before the mandatory Oct. 1, separation date or have entered active duty after May 9, 2009.

Additionally, officers with six or more years of total federal commissioned service by the mandatory separation date or who have 15 or more years of total active service as of the board convening date are also ineligible under the FSB.

Retention recommendation forms must be completed for all board-eligible officers with less than 15 years total active federal service as of May 9. The RRF must be forwarded to AFPC no later than April 8.

Officials said the objective of the board is to manage the force by retaining officers the Air Force needs to develop as its future leaders. The board will make its determination based on information similarly considered by a promotion board, to include an officer selection brief, performance reports, training reports and decorations. The board will also consider the officer's retention recommendation form and any letters submitted by eligible officers to provide additional information relevant to the board's decision process that is not included in any other documents.

Voluntary force management programs are still in place for interested officers with the following separation options that include time-in-grade waivers, limited active-duty service commitment waivers, Palace Chase, Blue-to-Green and officer cross-flow programs.

For more information on these programs or the force shaping board, visit the Air Force Personnel Services website and select the 2011 Force Management link or call the Total Force Service Center at 800-525-0102.