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Leaders send energy awareness message

SAN ANTONIO -- The Air Force's top leaders released a joint "Letter to Airmen" to encourage Airmen to continue to be energy efficient at the workplace and at home.

"The Air Force is engaged in a long-term effort to improve our nation's energy security through energy efficiency and conservation," Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz said.

"We have made solid progress in these areas over the past year, but our work is far from done. In order to meet our strategic energy goals, we must continue to instill energy efficiency and conservation into our daily routines within our aviation and our installation communities," Secretary Donley and General Schwartz continued.

The Air Force theme during October's Energy Awareness Month is "A New Culture: Energy as an Operations Enabler."

"Achieving our energy goals requires sustained effort, a systematic approach, determined leadership, and a firm commitment from all of us to identify and implement workable solutions," Secretary Donley and General Schwartz said.

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