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Three found guilty of trespassing

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- A federal magistrate judge found three people guilty of trespassing on Vandenberg Air Force Base during separate but related cases heard at the federal magistrate court in Santa Barbara July 15.

The trespass citations, issued at varying dates, stemmed from each individual violating ban and barment orders lawfully issued by the base commander in response to past violations of Vandenberg's protest advisory.

"The base protest advisory exists to allow for peaceful protest while ensuring base security needs are met as well as to help ensure the safety of all those involved," said Col. Richard Boltz, 30th Space Wing commander.

VAFB allows for peaceful protest activities in accordance with Vandenberg's Protest Advisory.

"Vandenberg will accommodate peaceful protests, but they must be conducted in accordance with the protest advisory," said Boltz.

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