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Officials announce NCO retraining program dates

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Approximately 4,345 Airmen will have the opportunity beginning July 15 to retrain as part of the fiscal 2011 NCO Retraining Program, Air Force officials announced.

The NCORP is a two-phase program designed to sustain the enlisted force by moving second-term and career Airmen from overage Air Force specialty codes to shortage AFSCs.

"The retraining program is a vital tool in managing the force that allows leaders to meet evolving Air Force needs and requirements," said Col. William Foote, the director of personnel services at the Air Force Personnel Center. "The 2010 NCORP was highly successfully in filling 96 percent of the shortfalls in Air Force specialties, while streamlining the process to 120 days."

AFPC officials said they seek to achieve that same success with the fiscal 2011 program.

Officials have selected 41 overage AFSCs with retraining-out requirements. This is an increase from 31 last year. In addition, 10 AFSCs were selected with retraining-in requirements. All other Airmen identified for NCORP can volunteer during Phase I for specialties meeting AFSC and grade requirements.

Phase I begins July 15 and ends Sept. 16. Phase II starts immediately following Phase I.

"A change this year allows Airmen who are disqualified from their AFSC and assigned a reporting identifier of 9A000 to apply for unrestricted fiscal year 2011 NCORP quotas," said Tech. Sgt. Keila Brown, the NCO in charge of the Air Force Personnel Center's retraining policy and procedures. "This will enable them to better serve Air Force needs and allow the Air Force to retain experienced Airmen."

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis during Phase I. In Phase II, individuals are involuntarily placed in AFSCs, based solely on the needs of the Air Force.

Airmen can find the master vulnerability list on the Virtual Military Personnel Flight at, beginning July 14. Frequently asked questions concerning NCORP are available at under the "Enlisted" button. Then click on the "Retraining" tab.

For more information about the fiscal 2011 NCORP, visit the AFPC personnel services website at, contact your local military personnel section, or call the Total Force Service Center at 800-525-0102.