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Conserving for the future generation

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Working to conserve base resources and provide for future generations here, the 30th Space Wing is focusing on conserving and reducing its water use.

The 30th Civil Engineer Squadron is working with building managers, housing officials and the local community to teach environmental stewardship practices and water management techniques.

"Water is a scarce resource in California, often due to drought conditions," said Bradley King, a 30th Civil Engineer Squadron energy manager. "Over the last few years, water hasn't been as abundant. We have to learn now how to conserve our resources or the future generations are going to have serious problems."

To comply with the Energy Policy Act, which mandates federal water usage, Vandenberg has been working to reduce water usage. The EPA is a directive that dictates a two percent reduction per year through 2015 - changes that ultimately are the responsibility of each member on the base.

"Conservation can be as easy as not leaving a faucet running or monitoring your landscaping techniques," said Mr. King. "The housing office provides information to help members residing in base housing reduce waste."

With base housing only being a small portion of the installation that uses water, it's critical to look at all of the buildings throughout the base in regards to their water use, said Mr. King.

Members of the 30th CES energy office have been working with building managers to promote and educate people on conservation techniques. An example is the use of sprinklers on base. Sprinklers, which can be a critical component in water waste, can be put on timers, therefore curtailing over-watering.

"Water is vital for mission sustainment, so we can't abuse our resources," said Mr. King. "We must be good environmental stewards because if we don't take care of what we have, the future will suffer."