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Boxing, gym annex buildings scheduled for demolition

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Vandenberg contractors are preparing the boxing annex and gymnasium annex on Wyoming Avenue for demolition.

After the completion of the base's new fitness center, a demolition order was scheduled for the annex buildings in compliance with base policies regarding the number of operating facilities allowed on the installation.

Base contractors are depleting harmful chemicals and gasses in the buildings before the demolition to ensure a safe environment for the Vandenberg community. Once the contractors properly clear the buildings, the demolition process will begin.

Staff members from the Vandenberg Fitness Center, during the last couple of months, have salvaged and moved most of the equipment from the annex buildings to the old fitness center on Washington Avenue. On a case-by-case basis, fitness center personnel will lend out some of the obtained equipment to Vandenberg units for physical training purposes.

"The demolition of the annex buildings has had very little impact on our daily operations," said Thomas Anastasio, the Vandenberg Fitness Center assistant director. "However, we have been seeing an increase in the number of people at our new facility, mainly due to the migration of units who were using the old annex buildings to conduct their physical training sessions. As only a minor inconvenience, units will have to cooperate with one another to share the gymnasium space during their PT sessions. "

As the new fitness center becomes more popular with the base populace, the need for the old annex buildings diminishes.

"It is good to see the annex buildings go," Mr. Anastasio said. "The buildings stored very little fitness equipment and the floorings were getting old. Besides an additional basketball court, the buildings did not offer much to its patrons."

Although the new, 51,000-square-foot fitness center was completed in May 2009, there are already plans to add-on to the center. When government funds become available, these add-ons will include an indoor pool, racquetball court, group fitness room and a new location for Vandenberg's Health and Wellness Center.

"With these additions to the fitness center, there will be more space to accommodate for more people's use of the center," Mr. Anastasio said.