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Vandenberg's 30th MDG experiences PCM changes

TriWest Healthcare Alliance Infographic. (U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd  Class Aaron Peterson)

TriWest Healthcare Alliance Infographic. (U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Aaron Peterson)

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- The 30th Medical Group here is currently undergoing significant primary care management changes due to shifts in the base's medical personnel.

Approximately 1,240 30th MDG patients have been enrolled to a new healthcare provider since August.

"We have had some big PCM changes in the last few months with providers coming, going and returning," said 1st Lt. Kelsey Hayward, a 30th MDG practice manager. "The PCM changes will only help to facilitate efficient and effective operations within the 30th MDG."

Due to a fluctuation of healthcare providers at Vandenberg, as a first priority, the 30th MDG will respond by booking patients with a new provider if the patient's PCM changes.

A PCM is the provider to whom a patient is enrolled to. One of the many functions of a PCM is to ensure patients continuously receive continuity in care to the greatest extent, said Lieutenant Hayward.

The 30th MDG has taken proactive measures to compensate for the recent PCM changes. One of these measures included the sifting through of patients assigned to Vandenberg's Space and Missile Medicine providers. These patients have been incorrectly assigned to their providers. The 30th MDG has enrolled these patients to other healthcare providers within the medical center to increase the timeliness as to which patients are seen.

"The 30 MDG has recognized any existing problems and took action to fix them so that patients receive the best care possible in every clinic," Lieutenant Hayward said.

Vandenberg has welcomed another Family Practice provider, Capt. Michael Oertly, to the 30th MDG. With the addition of a new provider in Family Practice, for first time in more than a year, the 30th MDG's staffing has increased its numbers to five providers.

"The recent PCM changes reflect the proper alignment of SMM and the addition of new providers to the 30th MDG," Lieutenant Hayward said. "By properly enrolling patients throughout the 30th MDG, the providers and clinics will be able to most effectively serve our beneficiary population."

Since the recent PCM changes at Vandenberg, patients may have received numerous letters from TRIWEST notifying them of PCM changes, and that is okay, said Lieutenant Hayward.

"TRIWEST is just informing the patients of the changes as they come," Lieutenant Hayward said. "For example, if a patient is moved out of SMM, they would have received one letter. If they were assigned to a provider who shortly thereafter changed duty assignments, they would have received a second letter. If they were then empanelled to the newly arrived provider, they would have received a third letter."

These TRIWEST notification letters require no further action. They are courtesy notices specifically used to inform patients with the flow of new information.

For more information, call 1-888-TRIWEST or 1-888-894-9378.