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Staff sergeant promotion list released

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More than 100 Team V Airmen were selected for promotion to staff sergeant. 

Air Force officials selected 15,223 of 30,574 eligible senior airmen for promotion to staff sergeant for a selection rate of 49.79 percent. 

The promotion list is available on the AFPC's public Web site and on the AF portal. Airmen can access their score notices on virtual MPF and the AF Portal after 1 p.m. CDT on Aug. 20. 

The following Vandenberg senior airmen were selected for promotion to staff sergeant: 

Kenneth Adams, 614th Air and Space Operations Center
Onterrio Agnew, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Anastasia Aguirre, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Jason Alexander, 614th Air and Space Operations Center
Joseph Aman, 576th Flight Test Squadron
Jennifer Ansbach, 614th Air and Space Operations Center
Rochelle Arcega, 30th Space Wing
Jeremy Baniqued, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Jason Beatty, 614th Air and Space Operations Center
Renata Bernhard, 30th Space Wing
Matthew Bratthauar, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Jasyn Burby, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Jennifer Canales, 30th Medical Operations Squadron
Lady Consolacion, 30th Medical Operations Squadron
Morgan Cooley, 30th Space Communications Squadron
Nathanael Craven, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Danniel DeJesus, 614th Air and Space Operations Center
Jorge Del Pozo, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Jeremy Di Iullo, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Lacey Elko, 30th Space Communications Squadron
Damaris Ellis, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Alex Escalante, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Jonathan Fernandez, 381st Training Squadron
Jonathan Foster, 30th Space Wing
Lloyd Francis, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Kyle Frear, 381st Training Squadron
Vanessa Garcia, 18th Intelligence Squadron
Thomas Gerhart, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Derek Gifford, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Christopher Goad, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Amy Gonsorowski, 614th Air and Space Operations Center
Amanda Gonzales, 30th Medical Support Squadron
Colby Green, 576th Flight Test Squadron
Matthew Greenman, 576th Flight Test Squadron
Nicholaus Griffin, 614th Air and Space Operations Center
Dennis Groves, 576th Flight Test Squadron
Edward Guiang, 2nd Range Operations Squadron
Victor Guillen, 576th Flight Test Squadron
Hank Hale, 576th Flight Test Squadron
Gary Hancock, 30th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Adam Hanson, 30th Medical Operations Squadron
Anthony Harbo-Torres, 533rd Training Squadron
Ramonde Harris, 30th Force Support Squadron
Brian Hatfield, Air Force Element Launch Communications Office
Christopher Herzer, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Veronica Hill, 614th Space Communications Squadron
John Hurst, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Nathan Jaynes, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Kevin Jezek, 30th Space Communications Squadron
Derek Kirkland, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Marcus Klesel, 614th Air and Space Operations Center
Jeffrey Knoll, 30th Security Forces Squadron
William Krieger, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Amanda Larson, 30th Medical Operations Squadron
Michael Lifka, 614th Air and Space Operations Center
Christopher Livingston, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Dylan Long, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Marcos Lopez, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Isaac Lotero, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Lorri Lyons, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Myles Macey, 30th Space Communications Squadron
Christopher Maier, 576th Flight Test Squadron
Jared Mack, 30th Security Forces Squadron
David Mancha, 381st Training Squadron
Konradd Maratita, 30th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Zachary Martin, 30th Space Wing
Shaun McCulley, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Nick Mendoza, 30th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Ryan Mihalik, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Vincente Mills, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Randy Nepomuceno, 576th Flight Test Squadron
Christopher Nyland, 30th Medical Operations Squadron
Wells Outlaw, 30th Comptroller Squadron
Steven Owen, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Stephanie Pecovsky, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Reuben Peralta, Joint Function Component Command for Space
Felip Perez-Sahagun, 30th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Arthur Picanco, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Matthew Plew, 30th Space Wing
Andrew Pluim, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Caleb Powell, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Dana Prudente, 14th Air Force
James Quinn, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Sarah Rayco, 30th Force Support Squadron
Zachary Regan, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Maria Rivera, 18th Intelligence Squadron
Krystal Rodgers, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Lance Russell, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Michael Sampson, 30th Space Wing
Jesus Sanchez, 30th Medical Operations Squadron
Allen Sanford, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Matthew Scharf, 614th Air and Space Operations Center
Jesse Shiner, 30th Comptroller Squadron
Stephanie Snyder, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Jimmie Stutts, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Robert Talbot, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Matthew Tinkle, 576th Flight Test Squadron
Allison Todd, 614th Air and Space Operations Center
Andrew Todd, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Rachael Turner, 30th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Madriz Valdovinos, 381st Training Squadron
Michael Violanti, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Almond Wheatman, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron
Kericuss White, 614th Air and Space Operations Center
Christopher Wilson, 381st Training Squadron
Brandon Wright, 30th Space Communications Squadron
Nathan Wyckoff, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Otto Yan, 30th Security Forces Squadron
Erik Zimmerman, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron