HAWC offers Mud Run preparation training

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Benjamin Rojek
  • 30th Space Wing Public Affairs
With the five-mile Vandenberg Warrior Mud Run quickly approaching, the base Health and Wellness Center created a presentation to help Team V better prepare for the challenge. 

The 20-page document covers everything from pre-run training to nutrition tips. While Team V runners should read the entire presentation, there are four main points to consider, according to the HAWC. 

First, people should consider their diet and hydration, making sure to eat breakfast and drink at least 16 ounces of water before the run. 

"Diet and hydration are very important prior to exercise and they can both inhibit and improve your performance," said 2nd Lt. Joshua Wenta, a HAWC staff member. "Not only should these important aspects of nutrition be considered before you initiate your training session and before the actual event, but diet and especially hydration are important in recovery as well." 

Another consideration to make before attempting the Mud Run is keeping your physical training challenging. When a person does the same workout routine over and over, that person's endurance level will plateau. 

"The Mud Run is a brutal course that is going to test both your mental and physical prowess," said Lieutenant Wenta. "Though you may continue to work out, your training may become ineffective and therefore limit your performance in the Mud Run." 

Along with keeping a challenging training regimen, it is also important to recognize misunderstandings and mistakes that may occur during training, he said. Such common mistakes as incorrect form during exercise and incorrect stretching can lead to ineffective training. It is important to be aware of these mistakes in order to optimize training time. 

The final thing the HAWC said runners should consider is the aches and pains that will come with intense training. 

"Being aware of these injuries and their remedies can help you cope with the demands of a challenging training program without hindering your training sessions," Lieutenant Wenta said. To find out more on working out with minor injuries or pain, Team V members can call the HAWC at 606-2221.

While those four topics should be considered by Mud Run participants, the complete presentation gives more details and is meant to ensure a safe and fun, yet challenging experience. It also provides external links to sites with nutrition and exercise tips meant to help runners grapple with tests of endurance.

"Awareness of the common mistakes explained may not only prevent injury, but will assist in optimizing your training," Lieutenant Wenta said.

For the HAWC's Mud Run preparation rundown, click here. For more information on nutrition or exercise tips, visit the HAWC at Building 13848 or call 606-2221.