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Airman sentenced at special court-martial

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- A Vandenberg Airman pled guilty in a special court-martial here April 14, receiving three months confinement and a bad conduct discharge. 

This was the second court-martial trial and federal conviction for Airman Basic Myron Admore, who worked in the 30th Security Forces Squadron here. 

Because the airman pled guilty to all charges, military judge Lt. Col. Charles Wiedie conducted a special hearing, known as a Care inquiry, to ensure that the guilty plea appeared to be accurate and was submitted knowingly and voluntarily. Prior to Judge Wiedie's sentencing deliberations, he heard testimony from Airman Admore's first sergeant and commander, as well as an unsworn oral presentation by Airman Admore himself. 

The charges alleged that in December 2008, Airman Admore, shortly after being released from confinement from his first court-martial conviction in late October 2008, drove a 30th SFS patrol vehicle here at a speed of 88 miles per hour. He lost control of the vehicle, overturned it and caused damages to the vehicle in excess of $14,000. A few days after the accident, the 30th SFS commander convened a meeting in his office with Airman Admore and other non-commissioned officers. Airman Admore showed disrespect to his commander through his behavior and language at this meeting. 

Then, in early February 2009, Airman Admore brought a 17-year-old female civilian onto base without proper identification, falsely stating she was a member of the 30th SFS to a guard at the Santa Maria Gate. He then wrongfully brought her and another 17-year-old female civilian into the dormitory complex here, despite regulations that do not allow this.

Finally, in late February 2009, Airman Admore wrongfully absented himself from his place of duty on one occasion and, on another occasion, unlawfully left his place of duty. 

At Airman Admore's request, the case and sentence were decided by the military judge alone, although he was still represented by Capt. Charles Warren. Capt. Ryan Haslam and Capt. Brandon Porter represented the government. 

Two upcoming courts-martial are scheduled to commence May 12 and 20.