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AAFES Market Basket Survey results now available

DALLAS -- The results of an exhaustive Market Basket Survey that show the Army & Air Force Exchange Service saves authorized shoppers 20.38 percent, compared to other retailers.

The results are now available at

The complete results, sorted by category of merchandise, retailer and market, have all been posted online: 

- AAFES Savings By Department demonstrates savings by category of merchandise. Savings range from 6.57 percent for cameras to 56.29 percent for luggage. 

- AAFES Savings By Department Retailer compares AAFES prices with specific retailers sorted by categories including cosmetics, shoes and toys. 

- AAFES Savings By Retailer reflects overall savings AAFES offers compared to specific retailers. 

- AAFES Savings By Market shows savings AAFES offers in nine survey locations. Results range from 15.83 percent in Tacoma, Wash., to 24.71 in Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. 

- AAFES Savings By Market Department provides category comparisons sorted by geographic location. 

- AAFES Savings By Market Retailer explains overall savings AAFES offers, by survey location, compared to specific retailers. 

- AAFES Savings By Market Department Retailer lays out savings AAFES provides for specific categories of merchandise sorted by location.

"It is important that the results of this survey are available to authorized shoppers, especially Reservists, National Guard personnel and retirees," said AAFES' chief of corporate communication Lt. Col. Dean Thurmond. "The convincing savings confirm that visiting the BX/PX and rediscovering the value of AAFES is worth the drive."

Conducted by an independent research firm in October last year, the AAFES Market Basket Survey is a snapshot in time of prices compared to the competition.

More than 300 products, including shampoo, diapers and makeup, were compared item by item. 

In addition to the national survey, each major AAFES Exchange location conducts local price surveys monthly to ensure AAFES pricing is consistently competitive.