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Undefeated weekend for Team V varsity teams

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Vandenberg's men's and women's varsity basketball teams went undefeated Saturday and Sunday in separate tournaments. 

The Vandenberg Hawks fought to beat Travis AFB 97-95, but dominated Edwards AFB, 76-69. The Lady Hawks ruled the roost all weekend, beating 29 Palms 47-29, Los Angeles AFB 74-53, and Travis AFB 71-61. 

While not undefeated the entire season, the Lady Hawks are in first place in their division. The team keeps improving each tournament weekend, becoming a more cohesive unit. 

"The longer we play together everyone learns each other's strengths and weaknesses," said Lady Hawk's head coach Sam McIntyre. "We played hard this week and made adjustments on the fly when we needed to and ultimately we wanted it more than the other teams. Our will to win was unmatched this weekend." 

Travis AFB almost gave the Lady Hawks a run for their money, however. Vandenberg was up by 25 points, but started to lose momentum as the game wore on. In a three minute period, the Lady Hawks gave up 15 points. 

"We won by 10 points but we failed to close out our opponent," Coach McIntyre said. "I give Travis all the credit in the world; they never gave up, their players fought hard and gave themselves a chance to win." 

Vandenberg's men's varsity team fought hard this weekend, as well. In fact, they've been fighting hard all season, winning at home but battling personnel issues with away-games. Since the start of the new year, however, they're getting back on track. 

"Since the break we've been having a good turn-out, and we are undefeated in '09," said Hawks head coach Chris Jones. "We have a very talented group of guys and I have been successful over the years with bringing talent together and pulling out some big wins. It's all a learning process and we enjoy the opportunity and privilege to compete." 

And compete they did, going back and forth with Travis AFB in triple overtime Saturday. While the Hawks squeaked by with a 2-point win, they'll admit Travis AFB is their equal on the court. 

"One of our toughest opponents would be Travis AFB, and the reason is because we are so evenly matched," Coach Jones said. "But we believed in each other, which was a key element in our success. Also defending and shooting in your home baskets has to be a plus." 

Team V fans of the Hawks and Lady Hawks are welcome to cheer on the teams as they hit the road in March at a tournament at Nellis AFB, Nev. Fans can also call the Fitness Center at 606-3832 to find out when other games take place. 

"Team Vandenberg should come see the women's basketball team because they will see nonstop action," Coach McIntyre said. "From hustle plays to an excellent shooting exhibition from the Lady Hawks, we play hard on both ends of the court and no one will leave unsatisfied from the performance they will witness." 

Coach Jones put it a bit more humbly. 

"It's a lot cheaper than the Lakers, but just as exciting," he said.