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Airman's Roll Call: Joint expeditionary taskings

  • Published
  • Air Force News Service
This week's Airman's Roll Call focuses terms used to describe Airmen fulfilling nontraditional roles in the deployed environment.

Air Force officials provide vital capabilities to the joint team in the war on terrorism, and part of the missions and capabilities delivered until recently fell into a broad category of tasks designated as "in-lieu-of."

Department of Defense officials enacted several changes to joint terminology in October 2008, replacing most ILO designations with other terms that more accurately describe the nature of the tasks.

With the introduction of these new DOD terms, Air Force officials are launching the term "joint expeditionary tasking" to describe the critical nature of the work Airmen are performing within the joint team.

For more information about joint expeditionary taskings, read this week's Airman's Roll Call.

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