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Housing privatization brings policy changes

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Vandenberg finalized its agreements with Balfour Beatty Communities to be the project owner for the Vandenberg Military Housing Privatization Project on Nov. 1, 2007.

As a result of privatization, residents and employees of Vandenberg have seen many changes in the housing arena ranging from the construction of new homes to changes in policy and procedure.

"The project is experiencing great success, and, as most residents can attest, the five-year Initial Development Period for new construction and renovation is well underway," said Col. Rick Wright, 30th Mission Support Group commander.

Perhaps the biggest change in policy is that all homes in West Housing (main base) are now the private property of Balfour Beatty Communities. As a result, individuals must have official approval from Balfour Beatty Communities before entering or occupying a home. Any individuals who enter homes and/or remove items from yards or homes without prior approval from Balfour Beatty Communities management would be doing so illegally and could be criminally prosecuted.

Unfortunately, Vandenberg has had several of these incidents occur over the past several months. Some have involved houses scheduled for demolition, where entry is not only unlawful, but potentially dangerous. Others have involved houses scheduled for new occupants - entry and removal of items is unlawful and requires the contractor to replace the items and repair the damage.

Another policy reminder is that residents with approved lease agreements are free to invite friends and family to visit in accordance with the terms of their lease and installation policies.

As discussed at previous town hall meetings, housing privatization brings changes in policy and improvements in the type and condition of housing available. During the five-year IDP, residents will see 502 homes demolished, 164 new homes constructed and 703 units renovated.

"During this construction period, please exercise due care and caution," Colonel Wright said. "Do not enter fenced construction areas and observe posted signage to ensure your safety."

Although, development can sometimes be a difficult transition period, in the long run, major construction initiatives can enhance the quality of life for Airmen.

Residents with questions on housing policy or procedures can contact Balfour Beatty Community Management. It takes awareness and teamwork to prevent recurrence of these negative incidents and ensure the safety of Vandenberg's residents and contractors, all of whom are working to make base housing the showplace of the Air Force.