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Vandenberg opens visitor’s center to overnight parking

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Vandenberg has opened up the visitor center parking lot here for over-night parking effective immediately. 

This recent decision was born through an increasing negative response to the dissolution of the base shuttle program. 

"After finding out that 95 percent of those who were using the base shuttle were using it as transportation from the front gate to their job, we had to stop operation because it is against regulations for the Air Force to provide anybody domicile to duty," said 1st Lt. Paul Capone, 30th Logistic Readiness Squadron vehicle operations flight commander. 

However, as gas prices rose, so did the number of Vandenberg members using public transportation to work. These individuals were now left to find their own way to work from the front gate. 

"We noticed that people were forced to bike, roller skate or carpool from the front gate to work and this could be discouraging individuals from using alternate methods of transportation," Lieutenant Capone said. "To counteract that, the base asked for permission for any base employee to park overnight at the visitor center." 

In order to park a vehicle in the visitor center parking lot overnight, the individual must physically go to the visitor center and show the Airman on duty their base identification card, give the visitor center their vehicle's license plate number and a night time phone number where the individual can be contacted, according to visitor center personnel. 

The visitor center is only manned by military members until 10 p.m. daily, so individuals seeking clearance to park in the visitor center parking lot overnight must obtain clearance before close of business. 

For more information, please call Vandenberg's visitor center at 606-7662.