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Airman's Roll Call: leave management

  • Published
This week's Airman's Roll Call focuses on leave management, and as many Airmen are aware of a few days away from work can have a beneficial effect them. Therefore, an aggressive leave program is an essential military requirement.

A recent policy change increased the number of days members may accrue from 60 to 75 days through Dec. 31, 2010 (the maximum that may be carried over into the next fiscal year). The expression "use or lose" means that leave in excess of 75 days is lost if not used by the end of the fiscal year, which is Sept. 30.

For those who are planning to take leave should remember that leave must begin and end in the local area. However, if you are unable to get back before your leave ends, you must inform your leave approving authority.

For Airmen who want more information about leave; can find more detailed descriptions of the different types of leave in AFPAM 36-2241 Section 16D - Leave Management.

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