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Centralization of separation actions to AFPC complete

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- The Air Force Personnel Center here became the service center for all separation actions, to include providing Airmen with their separation orders and DD Form 214s, on May 30 under the Personnel Services Delivery Transformation initiative.

Using a new automated notification method, Airmen approaching their normal
expiration term of service or mandatory date of separation (DOS/ETS) will
receive an e-mail reminding them to make a separation or reenlistment
decision using the virtual Military Personnel Flight.

An Airman's ETS occurs when he or she completes an enlistment contract or
term of active service required by active duty orders. Airmen who have
completed their obligated term of service and are approaching their ETS or
E-4 High Year tenure will receive an e-mail notification at 180 days prior
to their DOS and every 30 days thereafter.

Airmen can access vMPF on the AFPC secure Web site within six months of DOS
and select "Initiate my DOS Separation." Once they receive confirmation,
they complete a vMPF initial separation briefing, pre-separation order
worksheet, initiate DD Form 214 and all base out-processing items including
unit and virtual out-processing checklists.

This final piece complements the voluntary separation applications
previously released and completes the centralization of all separation
actions to AFPC. The MPF/MPE will continue to assist Airmen with the new
Web-based notification process and provide commanders with training and

For more information, call the Military Personnel Flight at (805) 606-4948
or the 24-hour Air Force Contact Center at (800) 616-3775.