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AF voting program helps Airmen exercise their right

Election Day, vote (b/w), U.S. Air Force graphic

Election Day, vote (b/w), U.S. Air Force graphic

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Air Force personnel and their families serving around the world have the right to vote and the Vandenberg Voting Program's mission is to ensure Team V has the information and tools needed to exercise that privilege.

Prior to deploying, Airmen receive voting materials needed to notify their state of new mailing address and continue to receive voting assistance from home voting officers and on site PERSCO teams.

Personnel serving away from their voting residence should use Federal Post Card Application Standard Form 76 to register and request absentee ballots. The SF 76 and 2006-07 Voting Assistance Guide, which lists the unique voting rules for each state, are available on line at or may be obtained from your unit voting assistance officer.

To help ensure their vote counts, officials remind Airmen to be careful when filling out the SF 76 as it is most often returned without action for the following reasons:

-- Inadequate legal voting residence address - Address information was not sufficient to locate members voting precinct/ward/parish/etc.
-- Inadequate current mailing address - Member moved or deployed without forwarding an SF 76, letting the state know his new address and the post office will not forward ballots.
-- Writing illegible
-- Failure to indicate party preference - Primary ballots will not be sent without a party designation
-- Form incomplete - All information specified in the VAG must be completed
-- Application sent to wrong jurisdiction (see addresses listed in the VAG)
-- No signature

For more information on voting, or for assistance, contact your installation voting officer through your base telephone operator or visit the Vandenberg Voting Action here.