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Vandenberg MPF will go paper-less in 2008

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Beginning Dec. 10, Vandenberg's officers will no longer be able to walk into the 30th Mission Support Squadron military personnel flight and receive a paper copy of their Record of Performance.

By February 2008, Vandenberg and the rest of the Air Force will switch to a paperless record keeping system.

"What this means for Air Force officers as well as the enlisted core is that they will no longer have a physical folder where all of their personal information (like awards, decorations, enlisted or officer performance reports, enlistment agreements, etc.) is kept," said Brian Robertson, 30th Mission Support Squadron. "They will be granted access to the Air Force's automated records management system when all of Vandenberg's records have been sent in and scanned into ARMS."

ARMS is the Air Force's virtual records management systems secure website which will allow Airmen to view and print their records electronically.

"This will ease the process of paperwork," said Mr. Robertson. "Ultimately, when everything is sent into AFPC, all of Vandenberg will have access to their virtual folder in ARMS."

But first, Vandenberg's MPF has to send every personnel folder to AFPC to be scanned into ARMS.

"Once we have double checked that all the proper documentation is in each Unit Personnel Record Group, we will box up all the UPRG's and send them to the Air Force Personnel Center to be scanned into ARMS. Hence, they will no longer be available at Vandenberg's MPF," said Mr. Robertson.

This does not mean that the MPF will cease to exist; they still have a customer service mission.

"MPF's that do not physically maintain their UPRG's still retain the responsibility to provide support to customers seeking assistance with issues related to their record," according to a memorandum sent to all MPF'S from AFPC.

In response to the Air Force becoming a leaner force that does more with less, going to a paperless record keeping system will not only make the MPF's job easier but will also make personal record keeping manageable.

"Everyone should have a copy of their personal records already," said Mr. Robertson.
Moving to electronic only format is another example of the Air Force professionals finding new ways to operate with a leaner force.