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SAF sends head of AFSO21 to view Vandenberg’s program


VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- AFSO21 is a fund saving initiative that challenges Airmen to advise the Air Force how to work more cost effectivley. The initiative focuses on saving money while accomplishing missions.

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- The Secretary of the Air Force for Smart Operations came to Vandenberg on Oct. 26 to view the progress that Team V has made by promoting smart operations.

Dr. Ron Ritter came due to Vandenberg's innovative Airmen who are thinking of ways to make life easier, and to save the Air Force money.

Since the start of AFSO21 in February 2006, Vandenberg has made many changes. Changes, which have ranged from making in-processing easier to changing the way medical examination boards are performed, are not only making life easier for all but saving the Air Force money, said Dave Marston, director of Vandenberg's AFSO21 office.

Dr. Ritter said Vandenberg is doing some great things in the AFSO21 department.

"I wanted to come here to see your progress, specifically view some of the changes that your CE squadron is making by using energy saving bulbs in street lamps," Dr. Ritter said. "This may be a money saving initiative that can be implemented throughout the entire Air Force."

Team V is becoming a leader in facing some of the Air Forces challenges.
"We're leading the command in AFSO21 initiatives," said Command Chief Master Sgt. Cari Kent, the 30th SW command chief.

"Vandenberg as a whole has consistently had strong progress by leading the way on facing energy challenges," Dr. Ritter said. "That is not an easy task given the space mission here."

The money saved will allow the Air Force to be more efficient as a force, allowing it to continue to be a contributor to the Global War on Terrorism.