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Vandenberg prepares for a dose of Zink

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- "Of course I'm a good spouse or parent, I obey the law, pay my taxes, even go to church regularly," the author said. "But it's a dog-eat-dog world out there in my business, and I sure don't want to come to the office in Milk-Bone underwear."

This isn't a precarious rant from a syndicated television show, this is a paragraph from the book, "Hammer-proof: Who cares about ethics?" by critically acclaimed author and retired Air Force Lt. Col., Dr. Jeffery Zink.

Dr. Zink will be conducting a series of presentations from Nov. 6-8 at the Vandenberg base theater.

As an active duty Airman, Dr. Zink spent 10 years as a navigator and bombardier logging in over 2000 hours in B-52 strategic bombers during the height of the Cold War.

Since 1994, Dr. Zink has shared his knowledge on ethics and leadership enrichment with thousands of people in a wide range of audiences throughout the United States and Canada, according to

Dr.Zink will soon share his knowledge on ethics and leadership enrichment with Team Vandenberg. His presentation, entitled "Life at the core," will be offered three times over the course of the week.

The presentation is an hour long and attendance at one of the sessions is mandatory for all 30th Space Wing active duty personnel and is designed to teach about critical thinking, core values and stressors.

"Dr. Zink is an incredible speaker," said Col. Steve Tanous, 30th Space Wing commander. "I don't want any of our Airmen to miss what he has to say - ethics and personal accountability are central to who we are as Airmen. Dr Zink has a message that every one of us can relate to. His perspective on how an ethical framework affects how and why people think, speak, and act the way they do will have you looking at yourself in a new light."

In light of recent DUI's, some think that Airmen need a new conduit to a positive message.

"Airmen need to hear the message from different perspectives," said Lindsay Buckalew, Vandenberg Health and Wellness Center director. "You can tell people not to make poor decisions over and over again but, sometimes it just takes them hearing it from someone different in a different way."

The presentation, are not just for active duty or 30th Space Wing members but are open to all Vandenberg personnel.

"This is not just for active duty Air Force," said Mr. Buckalew. "He is here to talk about ethics, reflect on core values and teach ethics so that all supervisors can take this back to their subordinates."

Dr. Zink will not be the last conduit of a positive message at Vandenberg.
In February, United States Marine Corps Lt. Clebe McClary motivational speaker and author, will be speaking at Vandenberg.

"Expect to see a new motivational speaker at Vandenberg every quarter," said Mr. Buckalew. "In a time when the Air Force is undermanned, overworked and overstressed- this is what the 30th Space Wing wants to do to take care of Vandenberg personnel."

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